Feb 5, 2010

On the streets of Puri 19-26/01/2010

Tulsi Devi

This birdie came steady every day to look for food amongst the rubbish next to Sri Caitanya Math.

Jagannatha Krsna

Cat of Puri on siesta

Shaadi - wedding car

Barber of Puri

New Sikh Temple

Sikh Babas

Sikh altar


The Girls and the babies

I met them on the way back from Tota Gopinath Mandira one morning. They are much smaller than males.

The Boys
We met them near by a small Hanumana Mandira on the Gaurbhatsahi Road after our taking prasadam in Nrsimha Mandira. They own great respect amongs the habitant of Puri

Our Mothers - Cows

They're eating the Maha Prasad Remainance

A very brillant Hanumana Temple near by ISKCON Mandira